District Directors Message:

Hello Everyone,

Well, we’re off to the start of another racing season here in District 3. I hear the racing in Brandon for the Nitro specialty race had a great weather and good competition, and the Orlando Winter Nationals is one of the best we’ve had in quite some time. I’ve heard positive feedback from attendees at both races that everyone had a good time with lots of fun.

The next race on the calendar is going to be in Miami on February 25th and 26th hosted by R.A.M. This is a beautiful lake and this club puts on a great event, we need to come out and support these guys. At this race, we are going to try something new. We’re going to throw in an Open Class. Gas, Nitro and Electric will be allowed for this. It is going to be open offshore, winner take all. The prize is going to be a pair of 36 millimeter top-end kits (29cc). Registration for this race will be done the morning of the event. The entry will be $20 cash only. After the expenses of the Zenoah top end kits are covered, the remainder of the money is going to be placed into a pool to go to raffles that we are going to start having at the district races. I want to create some opportunities for people that can only go to a couple of races to be able to win some merchandise to take home that may help to upgrade some existing boats or increase interest in new projects. I understand that not everyone has the time or finances to be able to travel and go to every race we have. Hopefully a couple of these open classes and Raffles would generate some enthusiasm for the casual boater.

I want to say thank you to the group of guys that showed up at the Winter Nationals with the Electric boats. We ran P Mono/Cat and Q Mono/Cat. This was the first time that I had ever witnessed these classes race, and I was impressed to say the least. We had several different manufacturers represented and they were all FAST! I encourage anyone else that has electric boats in your arsenal to bring them out and let’s get these classes making a regular appearance at our races. After speaking with some of them at the Winter Nationals, many of them showed interest in doing other projects in some of the gas classes, especially Gas Offshore and Super boat.  This is what I want us to develop into, a district that isn’t afraid to try new ideas to generate new interest. It brings new challenges and new faces to the hobby. This is the only way we grow.

We have two new officers that have been chosen to fill some vacant positions. First is Dan Hermes,  he is our new District 3 Points Director, as Todd Zellar has decided to step down. I want to say a big thank you to Todd for everything you’ve done as the Points Director for many years.  Next is Richard Lind he is going to fill the position is District 3 Assistant Director with the passing of longtime fixture in the RC boating hobby Dr. Marvin Erbesfeld. Both Dan Hermes and Richard Lind share my same vision for this hobby in our district and that is to make this all about fun, clean racing while maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere.

I also want to extend a huge thank you to a person that has been a tremendous help to me over the past few months. That is Ron Byrd, he has done a great job with scoring at the races and keeping everything updated as fast as possible so that everyone can see scores while at the races and results afterwards until the official results have been posted. He also has taken the responsibilities of our Namba District 3 website. I encourage everyone to go to Namba3.com and check out what he’s been working tirelessly on. Anyone that has pictures or videos, email them to Ron so that he can post them on the web page.

I want to say thank you to each and everyone of you that comes to these races with a positive attitude. It’s contagious, and it’s becoming evident other races that more people are having fun at the races again. That is more encouraging to me than you will ever know. I appreciate the encouraging words from all of you whether they be through an email, phone call, or a face-to-face conversation hopefully I will see you all in Miami. Take care everyone and be safe.

Sincerely, David Horsley

Namba District III Director

Attention Club Presidents:

You will need to send in your club registrations and site insurance to NAMBA for the 2017 season.         In addition we will need to have a sanction for each race held this year. The sanction helps secure insurance since the number of races that are sanctioned plays a factor in insurance coverage. Please send your sanction forms to me with the fee and I will forward them to NAMBA for you.

2017 Race Format: This years High Points Championship qualifying race classes will be based on a class having competed in six of the nine scheduled races. As soon as the final points have been tallied the champions in each class will be posted. Please check them to make sure they are accurate before awards are ordered. Awards this year will again consist of certificates listing the class championship and a check for NAMBA dollars.

Attention District III Members:

If you have any photos or video links of District 3 racing you would like posted, or you have questions about the web site. Please contact the Web Master

A Mono’s coming to the Start in Brandon, FL