District Directors Message:

Hello Everyone,

Want to start by thanking everyone for making the first half of our racing season an enjoyable time of great competition and fellowship with our friends and fellow model boater’s. Our next stop is going to be in Orlando at Lake Richard with the Orlando Culvert Dodgers on June 3rd and 4th. We will be having our first biannual district meeting at this race. There has been a rule proposal submitted, however we will not vote on this until the 2nd bi-annual meeting as per The District 3 rules. The rule proposal is for the removal of two rules specific to Thunder boat in District 3. They are as follows.  #3 a minimum boat weight of 17 pounds in race trim without fuel will be enforced for all Thunder boats competing in District 3 high points races. The Weight will be checked by the Thunderboat director , assisted by the scale director if needed. #5 The engine, carburetor, spark plug wire, and entire exhaust system must be completely covered by the cowl. No exceptions permitted. We will be having the second biannual district meeting in September at the Palm Beach RC Power Boaters race. This will be when the vote for the proposed rule change will take place. I want to remind everyone to continue focusing on having fun. Don’t let the competition and the heat of the moment get the best of you. Racing incidents are bound to occur. We all enjoy winning but that doesn’t always work out like the way we want it to. This is when it is most critical to excercise good sportmanship and honesty. If we all continue to focus on just relaxing, having a good time with our friends, winning doesn’t become the main focus. It’s about enjoying the hobby, racing our boats, and having fun fun fun! This happens when we have good clean competition. I want people to come out to our races and walk away feeling like it was a completely positive experience. I want the atmosphere to stay upbeat and on a level of just having fun. Hope to see everyone soon.

Sincerely, David Horsley – Namba District III Director

Attention Club Presidents:

You will need to send in your club registrations and site insurance to NAMBA for the 2017 season.         In addition we will need to have a sanction for each race held this year. The sanction helps secure insurance since the number of races that are sanctioned plays a factor in insurance coverage. Please send your sanction forms to me with the fee and I will forward them to NAMBA for you.

2017 Race Format: This years High Points Championship qualifying race classes will be based on a class having competed in six of the nine scheduled races. As soon as the final points have been tallied the champions in each class will be posted. Please check them to make sure they are accurate before awards are ordered. Awards this year will again consist of certificates listing the class championship and a check for NAMBA dollars.

Attention District III Members:

If you have any photos or video links of District 3 racing you would like posted, or you have questions about the web site. Please contact the Web Master

A Mono’s coming to the Start in Brandon, FL