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   Latest District III Information

    District 3 2015 Race Schedule

    The district 3 club president and board of directors have
    collaborated to produce the 2015 high point's race schedule. The
    special all Nitro race date has also been included. The Herb
    Stewart Memorial Challenge race date is still to be determined.

    Orlando Culvert Dodgers Inc. January 16, 17 and 18th. (Race to be
    held at the Melbourne's Sarno Lake)

    Combined Tampa and Brandon Special All Nitro Race Jan 24, 25th
    ( not a high points series race )

    Racing Association of Miami. February 21, 22nd.

    Brandon Model Boaters. March 7, 8th.

    Space Coast Rudder Busters Inc. April 11, 12th.

    Broward Model Boat Club.  May 16, 17th.

    Orlando Culvert Dodgers Inc. June 13, 14th.

    Palm Beach R/C Power Boaters. September 12, 13th.* Double
    Points Race*

    Broward Model Boat Club. October 10, 25th.

    Tampa Bay Model Boat Club. November 28, 29th.
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Online Registration

5th race of the 2015 season
Hosted by:
Broward Model Boat Club
Oct. 10 - 11, 2015
NAMBA District 3 High Points Race

**Don't forget to renew your NAMBA

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"Namba Nats Link"

2015 FE Nats to be held in Colorado
Click Link for Info: 2015 FE Nats

District 3 Director - Marvin Erbesfeld - marvine255@aol.com*
District 3 Assistant Director - Jack St.Clair*
Gas Director Richard Lind - richie@ricoracing.com*
Thunderboat Director Mike Haynes - rcoffshore@comcast.net*
Offshore Director Raul Rodriguez - r.rodriguezIII@yahoo.com*
Treasurer Sheila Cardoso - tcardoso@tampabay.rr.com

These three positions are excluded from voting:
Secretary - ???
Points Director Todd Zeller - pitboy@bellsouth.net
Photographer - ??

Learn more about NAMBA organization
by reading this Brochure provided at this                                          

Send us your race information/flyers, racing news, news                 
releases, or anything you would like posted to the site.

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2014 High Points "End of Year" results can be found on a link located on the (High Points Web Page)

NAMBA News: Membership dues and single event insurance have both been raised $5 for 2015. Insurance coverage has
been changed from what it has been in previous years. Insurance will now only apply when running your boat on a Namba
registered and insured site. No longer will you be covered when you run on any other pond or lake.

Attention District 3 Clubs: You will need to send in your club registrations and site insurance to NAMBA for the 2015 season.
In addition we will need to have a sanction for each race held this year. The sanction helps secure insurance since the number of
races that are sanctioned plays a factor in insurance coverage. Please send your sanction forms to me with the fee and I will
forward them to NAMBA for you.

2014 Race Format: This years high points championship qualifying race classes will be based on a class having competing in
six of the nine scheduled races. As soon as the final points have been tallied the championships in each class will be posted.
Please check them to make sure they are accurate before awards are ordered. Awards this year will again consist of
certificates listing the class championships and a check for NAMBA dollars.

District 3 Meeting: There are no residual agenda items from the previous District 3 meeting. No new items have been
submitted for discussion or voting. Therefore there will not be a meeting held at this time.

The Board of Directors wishes to thank all of our District 3 clubs for hosting the 2014 high points race schedule. We are looking
forward to another enjoyable year of racing in 2015 and wish all of our district 3 racers and guests good luck.

Marvin H Erbesfeld M.D.
District 3 Director

Reminder  for all District III clubs to renew their club's site insurance. See this link for clubs who have already renewed their
site's insurance as of 12/28/2014.     
Site Insurance Completed for 2015