◊◊◊ Attention ◊◊◊
            Letter to the District

      Hello everyone,  I want to start by saying thank for having
    faith and trust to vote for me as your district director. I am
    filled with excitement and anticipation to see what will unfold
    over the next two years. There are some big challenges that
    need to be addressed and I will be the first to say that they
    cannot be resolved without the participation of the entire
      Your opinions and ideas are very important to me. I love this
    hobby and I want to see it thrive. I want you to be excited
    about coming to a race, to see old friends and to make new
    ones. I want to challenge each and every one of you to go
    outside of your usual group(s) and get to know your fellow
    racers. When new participants come to the races, be willing
    to help with their interest in the hobby. All of us have had a
    few people along the way help us when we first got started
    and this is key to helping our community sport grow. This will
    result in improved moral and a better turnout at the races. We
    all know how much work goes into prepping and putting on a
    race. The best way we can show appreciation to the hosting
    club is by attending the races, running boats and just having
    a great time. I cannot stress enough how important you are to
    making this happen.
      Thank you for your ideas, suggestions and support. All of
    your hard work to help with improvement is greatly
    appreciated. If I can be of any help to any club or member,
    please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or
    I will see you all at the races!


    David Horsley
    District 3 Director

◊◊◊ Next District 3 High Points Race ◊◊◊

**SCRB One Day Fun Race,
Melbourne, FL**

August 21st

Click For 2016 Application Link:

Next Race:
Palm Beach R/C Power
September 17-18, 2016
West Delray Regional Park, Delray

District 3 Director - David Horsley - horsley561@yahoo.com
District 3 Assistant Director -Marvin Erbesfeld -
Gas Director - Steve Rodriguez
Thunderboat Director-Mike Haynes - rcoffshore@comcast.net*
Offshore Director-Ross Medina - ross247@cfl.rr.com*
Superboat Director- Jonathon Hernandez
Treasurer-Sheila Cardoso - tcardoso@tampabay.rr.com

These three positions are excluded from voting:
Secretary - ???
Points Director Todd Zeller - deezldub@gmail.com
Photographer - ??

Attention District 3 Clubs: You will need to send in your club registrations and site insurance to NAMBA for the 2016 season.
In addition we will need to have a sanction for each race held this year. The sanction helps secure insurance since the number of
races that are sanctioned plays a factor in insurance coverage. Please send your sanction forms to me with the fee and I will
forward them to NAMBA for you.

2016 Race Format: This years high points championship qualifying race classes will be based on a class having competing in
six of the nine scheduled races. As soon as the final points have been tallied the championships in each class will be posted.
Please check them to make sure they are accurate before awards are ordered. Awards this year will again consist of
certificates listing the class championships and a check for NAMBA dollars.