Classic Thunderboat


                   Bert Arencibia
         NAMBA District III Thunderboat Director

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                                2018 NAMBA District 3 Classic Thunderboat Rules
1. Rules per NAMBA Rulebook.
2. The stock recoil pull start assembly may be replaced by the factory Zenoah EZ
Start pull start assembly.
3. The Factory installed M5x0.8 water fittings on the engine may be drilled out to
a larger size. The water fitting must not however be replaced by a larger one.
4. At the option of the Classic Thunderboat Director the engines in the first,
second and third place boats may be inspected at any NAMBA District III race
for legality. If the engine is found to be illegal as per these rules, the contestant
will be disqualified. All points will be forfeited for prior rounds and racers in
that class will be awarded the proper positional points as if the illegal boat had
not run in any of the rounds and will serve a two (2) race suspension. If the
contestant is found to have an illegal engine a second time the contestant will
serve a one-year suspension from the date of the infraction. These suspensions
apply only to the Classic Thunderboat Class only and not other classes that the
contestant runs in. This rule is separate from and does not conflict from a
contestants right to protest any Classic Thunderboat as per NAMBA
International Rules.

2016 Thunderboat High Points Results:
Ron Byrd 1st place 2050 Points

Steve Rodriguez 2nd place 1835 Points

Jack St. Clair 3rd place 1121 Points

2016 Thunderboat Helmet Award Winner
Ron Byrd 5175 Points


2017 Thunderboat Helmet Award Points

Walter Racing Perpetual Thunderboat Helmet Award

My son Mark and I have donated a Perpetual Thunderboat Helmet Award for the District 3 Thunderboat Class. This award is similar to the Bud Swenson Award given in the Scale Class since 1985. The Thunderboat Award is a very distinctive award like no other award/trophy given by NAMBA nationally. I think that everyone in the Thunderboat Class will be impressed with this award. The award is presented to the driver that accumulates the most points as laid out in the following paragraph. The points accumulated in the first three heats of each Namba District 3 High Points race are added up after each race. It does not matter if the class is run under the four heat format or the (Love Plan). The driver with the most driver points at the end of the year will be the winner of the Thunderboat Helmet Award. The first three heats of all High Points races run in 2012 will count toward the trophy. The winner will have his name and the name of his boat engraved on a plate that will be mounted on the award.

Perry P. Walter

May 26, 2010