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2018 High Points and Special Awards

High Points Championships
Thunderboat Helmet Award
2018 District III High Points

2018 Thunderboat Helmet

2017 NAMBA District III Highpoints Top 3

The 2018 Season has 7 Highpoints Races on schedule providing the Tampa Club approves their race date. Classes need 3 boats to make a class at these races and it will take 4 out of 7 Races for a Class to qualify for Highpoints at the end of the 2018 season. We have dropped some of the Nitro Classes that have not Qualified for Highpoints in the last several years. The Clubs are free to offer them if they wish but they are not mandatory. If a Class that has been dropped shows enough support it will Re-Qualify!

Mandatory Classes:  NITRO: A Mono, A Hydro, B Hydro, 1/8th Scale, X Hydro, ELECTRIC: P-Limited Cat, P-Limited Mono, P Mono/Cat, Q Mono/Cat, GAS: Jersey Skiff, Thunderboat, GX Cat, GX Mono, GX Rigger, GX Sport Hydro, Gas Twin Rigger, Gas Cat Offshore, Gas Offshore and Superboat.

Optional Classes: A Stock Tunnel, A Mod Tunnel, B Mod Tunnel, B Mono, C Mono, C Hydro, X Mono and Nitro Twin Rigger.

We would suggest the order of run be alternating between the 3 power choices to help cut down on Contestants having back to back heats as much as possible and giving the Electric Contestants a chance to Re-Charge , realizing that in the Offshore type classes this is not an option due to the setting of the Offshore left turn buoy these classes are ran one after the other.

Example of Class Order of run should all classes make:

Jersey Skiff
A Mono
P-Limited Mono
GX Cat
A Hydro
P-Limited Cat
GX Mono
B Hydro
P Mono/Cat
GX Rigger
1/8th Scale
Q Mono/Cat
X Hydro
GX Sport Hydro
Gas Twin Rigger
Gas Cat Offshore
Gas Offshore



High Points are awarded to a contestant that attends a race and finishes in the top 8 places of a class. They will receive position points for that race, if heat points were earned for that race. Racers with a lower finish than 8th place will not receive any points toward High Points. All ties 3rd place and above must be broken via run off, flip of a coin or as agreed between the racers involved. In the event of a tie below 3rd place at an event, the score for that position will be given to all those who are tied. Examples of High Points tie scoring scenario’s: Tie for 4th between two racers: both get 169 points and the next racer gets 6th place 96 points, 7th gets 72, 8th gets 54. Points are awarded as follows:

1st = 400, 2nd = 300, 3rd = 225, 4th = 169, 5th = 127, 6th = 96, 7th = 72, 8th = 54.

For questions concerning District 3 High Points please contact :

Ron Byrd

Special Notice for all District III Clubs:  
Please be sure to turn over the original final score sheets to retain in case any questions arise.
District III rules require all score sheets to be turned in either at the race or within 3 days of the race ending to District 3 Points Director.

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2017 NAMBA District III Highpoints Top 3

2016 NAMBA District III Highpoints Top 3

1/8th Scale Bud Swenson Award
High Points Championships
Thunderboat Helmet Award
2017 Bud Swenson Award
2017 District III High Points
2017 Thunderboat Helmet
2016 Bud Swenson Award
2016 District III High Points
2016 Thunderboat Helmet
2015 Bud Swenson Award
2015 District III High Points
2015 Thunderboat Helmet


Superboat’s dueling in Brandon