District III News

11/18/17: The NAMBA District 3 vote on Thunderboat Rules passed, therefore starting January 2018 we will follow NAMBA National Rules for the Thunderboat Class with the allowance to drill out the stock Zenoah water fittings on the cooling jacket and EZ Starts may be used.

10/20/17: The District will conduct a vote to go by the NAMBA National Rules for the Thunderboat Class with two amendements:

(1) You may drill out the Stock Zenoah 26 water fittings to allow sufficient water cooling.


(2) EZ Starts may be used.

This vote will take place at the Miami Race at the drivers meeting on November 18th.

To take affect on January 1, 2018 if passed.

Please be there to cast your vote on this matter. Thanks!

The Finacial Report we feel should only be shared with NAMBA District 3 Members therefore we have removed it from the website.

To View the District Financial Report

Please visit the New District 3 Forum of which only NAMBA District 3 Members are permitted to access: NAMBA District 3 Forum