District III Financial

January 2017-March 2017
Income Itemization
Dollar Amount
Starting Balance January 1 2017
Club / Race / Boat Count
Race Entry Fees For 2017
Orlando Culvert Dodgers /WinterNats / 230 Boats

Racing Assoc. of Miami / Feb Race / 127 Boats
Brandon Model Boaters / Mar Race / 151 Boats


Space Coast Rudder Busters / Apr Race / 171 Boats
Orlando Culvert Dodgers / May Race / 147
Palm Beach R/C PB / Sept Race / 0 Boats
Race Cancelled
Total Income

Total Expenses

Ending Balance Sept. 31, 2017


District Directors Message:

Hello Boaters, I’m hoping that everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday season with your family and friends. As you all know, we are getting ready to start our 2017 Race season. It begins with our all-time classic The Orlando Winter Nationas " being held in Melbourne at Sarno Lake 5100 Eau Gallie Blvd. January 20-22.I’m very excited about the potential that I see building for a great season in 2017. I want all of us to focus on maintaining a positive atmosphere with great camaraderie and clean competition. I want us to continue to focus on having FUN! If we do this as a district we will improve the experience that our own members and visitors have at our races by making the event quality oriented. I believe there has been a positive change with the overall Community here in District 3. We had a lot of fun over the past year so if you weren’t able to join us, get the cobwebs knocked off your boats and come out and have some fun. If you were able to attend some of our races this past year I want to extend my gratitude and appreciation to you because you are the reason we had a great time. This District would not survive without you, your passion and enthusiasm for the boat racing hobby.Last year we began making a push to bring back some of the nitro boaters. I believe it was a success and it was fun to mix the races up again. We had an increase in boater turnout at the Races by about 10%. At the Brandon Twin Rigger shootout we had a turnout of 215 boats. We have not seen that kind of participation at a district high points race in quite some time, the truth of the matter is it  takes involvement of both gas and nitro to make that happen this year we will also begin offering electric classes at all of our district high point races. There is a great opportunity to bring in some new faces and I want us to make the most of it. There are going to be some new faces at our races this year. I wanted to make them feel welcome by lending a hand if we see them struggle with certain aspects of racing or if they’re having mechanical issues. We can be a district that has an atmosphere of encouragement and positive attitudes I can’t wait to see what this year holds for us. We’re going to try some new things this year. With some suggestions from Andy Brown, we’re going to put on a handful of one day races in the central Florida area. This will be fun run events and not associated with the High Point series. They will be ran in an open format that includes Nitro Gas and Electric in these certain classes. It will be a run what you bring type of event. Should be fun to try something new. Once again, I can’t wait to see everyone at the lake again, get away from the normal work grind, hang out with some friends and have a good time racing some boats.


David HorsleyNamba District III Director

Attention Club Presidents:

You will need to send in your club registrations and site insurance to NAMBA for the 2017 season.In addition we will need to have a sanction for each race held this year. The sanction helps secure insurance since the number of races that are sanctioned plays a factor in insurance coverage. Please send your sanction forms to me with the fee and I will forward them to NAMBA for you.

2017 Race Format: This years High Points Championship qualifying race classes will be based on a class having competed in six of the nine scheduled races. As soon as the final points have been tallied the championships in each class will be posted. Please check them to make sure they are accurate before awards are ordered. Awards this year will again consist of certificates listing the class championships and a check for NAMBA dollars.

Attention District III Members:

If you have any photos or video links of District 3 racing you would like posted, or you have questions about the web site.                                     Please contact the Web Master